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Leaving Afghanistan

Rafiq Maqbool
AP File
An American flag can be seen as 2nd Platoon Bravo Company 2-327 Infantry guards on the top of a vehicle Combat Out Post Badel in Kunar province in the eastern Afghanistan, Saturday, Dec 18, 2010.(AP Photo/Rafiq Maqbool)

Leaving Afghanistan

The U.S. war in Afghanistan began Oct. 7, 2001, with American airstrikes against al-Qaida targets in retaliation for the Sept. 11 attacks. The Taliban government had given the terror group a safe haven from which it could carry out terror attacks.

Now, after two decades, all U.S. troops are leaving Afghanistan. America's longest war has dramatically the reshaped geopolitics of the region. It also dramatically altered the lives of Americans who served there.

The goal of the River to River series "Leaving Afghanistan" is to understand a dimension of the war's impact by focusing on the individual experiences of Iowans who have done all types of work in Afghanistan over the last 20 years.

If you served in Afghanistan and would like to share your story on IPR, please email: rivertoriver@iowapublicradio.org by Sept. 3. Please mention where you grew up in Iowa, when you were deployed, your branch of military and rank, as well as a memory or two that you will never forget from your time in Afghanistan. A producer may get in touch with you. Thank you for your service to our country and thanks for sharing your experiences!