Find Your Signal

We strive to provide high quality radio listening experiences, no matter where you live in Iowa. On this page you'll find information on signals near you, our program schedule, tips for how to get the best experience out of your radio, and how to listen in HD. If you have radio listening questions, e-mail our Engineering staff and we'll help. 

Are you looking for an IPR signal near you? Download our signal maps:

Do you want to know what show's broadcasting when? Download a program schedule:

Looking for the name of a song you just heard on IPR Classical or Studio One? Check our playlists here:

Radio Listening Tips:

  • Location of your radio - if you're experiencing interference or static, try moving your radio or radio's antenna. Depending on your location, our signal could be obstructed by other buildings or the landscape. If you're further away from our radio signal, these obstructions (and environmental changes) can have a bigger impact. Moving your radio or antenna may help clarify our signal.
  • Time of day - if you're listening to one of our AM signals and it suddenly turns to static, that could be due to our operating requirements with the FCC. At sundown we reduce the power output from our AM signals in order to prevent interfering with other AM signals across the United States. As the seasons change and days get longer/shorter, the time we reduce power can be earlier or later. Similarly, the time we increase the power of our AM signals varies in the mornings based on sunrise and the season. If you'd like to continue listening to our programming, we recommend you listen to our online News stream.
  • Quality of your radio can make a big difference - if you experience interference or static, try listening on a higher quality radio. If that resolves the interference/static issue, you may want to consider purchasing one or two to replace your current radios.

HD Listening:
In addition to analog radio, we broadcast programming on HD signals across the state. In general, HD offers a high quality signal that may be distinct of the content on the primary signal - so that you may listen to News/Studio One on WOI 90.1 FM HD-1 and Classical on WOI 90.1 HD-2. You will need an HD radio receiver to listen to these signals. Here are two HD radio options:

Internet Radio Listening:
For information around internet radio listening and internet radio troubleshooting, please view our Online Listening page.