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Early Voting 1
Iowa’s deadlines for requesting an absentee ballot and for voter pre-registration have passed, but there are still opportunities for Iowans to register and vote. These are the options in the final days of voting in the 2020 general election.
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2020 Election
Racial Justice
Voters in Iowa will choose four representatives to serve in the U.S. House and one representative to serve in the U.S. Senate this election. Find interviews with the candidates and learn more about the races from IPR News.

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A constitutional convention question is on the Iowa ballot in 2020, as it is every 10 years.
Grant Gerlock
IPR News
Americans have gotten used to knowing who won an election on election night or, at least by the next morning. But election experts say this year could be different, especially if the presidential race is extremely close in key battleground states.