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U.S. Senators Demand Better Flood Control; Corps Of Engineers Says Top Priority Is Peoples' Safety

More than 200 people attended a Senate committee hearing in southwest Iowa Wednesday, where U.S. senators and people who live near the Missouri River wanted answers on what the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers can do better to manage the Missouri River Basin in the future so drastic flooding does not happen again.

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Serious Music People: there’s another Sam and Dave that you should know about. They’re an Iowa City based rock band, instead of an soul duo, and are releasing a new album.

Cue Iowa City-based Sam Drella and Dave Helmer. The pair make up the band Crystal City, and their new record is called, “Three Dimensionality.” (When we say album, we mean that literally; you can order it on vinyl from their website.)

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A proposal meant to limit property tax growth advanced at the Iowa Capitol Thursday with the support of Republicans on a Senate committee.

That move came a day after several central Iowa mayors told lawmakers at the Statehouse they don’t want the state to restrict their ability to raise property taxes without first conducting a thorough study of how that could affect different communities.

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A new sober living home will soon open in Sioux City to help men struggling with addiction who may be homeless.


The summer travel season is right around the corner, and whether it's a family road trip in the region or a jetsetting destination halfway around the world, we all gather experiences and stories from our travels.

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s recently released 2017 Census of Agriculture data show the amount of land in the largest federal conservation programs has decreased nationwide and in many Midwest and Plains states.

But that doesn’t mean farmers are ignoring soil health, nutrient runoff or erosion problems.

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Washington state has moved a step closer toward making it more difficult for parents to receive exemptions from having their children receive a required immunization.

The state senate passed a bill on Wednesday night that removes the personal belief exemption from vaccinations for measles, mumps and rubella (MMR). However, the bill retains medical and religious exemptions, and leaves intact personal belief exemptions for all other required immunizations.

See How Much Of The Mueller Report Is Redacted

2 hours ago

The Mueller report is out. Members of Congress and the public now have a chance to read for themselves what special counsel Robert Mueller and his team of investigators found in their 22-month probe into Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election.


This is FRESH AIR. The heroine of Nell Freudenberger's new novel "Lost And Wanted" is a physicist who finds her rational understanding of the universe challenged by the death of a friend. Here's our book critic Maureen Corrigan's review.

Detecting very small earthquakes is notoriously difficult. The churning of the ocean, a passing car or even the wind can feel a lot like a minor quake to the sensors that blanket seismically active parts of the U.S.

That's a problem for scientists who rely on data about all the earthquakes in a region to study what triggers the biggest, most destructive ones.


This is FRESH AIR. I'm Dave Davies in for Terry Gross, who's off this week. Spring's here, and baseball's back. It's a comforting tradition for a lot of us, but big-league baseball evolves over time. And our guest, New York Times national baseball writer Tyler Kepner, keeps track of that. He notes, for example, that for the first time ever last year there were more strikeouts than hits in the majors, which he thinks is connected to the widely shared complaint that the game moves too slowly and takes too long.

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Discover 80/35 2019: A Playlist

There are 40 acts playing in downtown Des Moines the weekend of July 12-13 including headliners Elle King and Portugal. The Man. The Des Moines Music Coalition, which founded the festival in 2008, has curated a playlist of bands who are appearing at the festival this year.

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Studio One Featured Release

Andrew Bird Boldy Proclaims This Is His Best Yet + Tracks Top 30

Much can be said about Andrew Bird: a classically trained violinist, known for his whistling (as befits his actual name), he was in the indie-jazz band Squirrel Nut Zippers in the '90s, and has been releasing his own style of indie music since his band Bowl Of Fire and a solo career that began in 2003.

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Under the Golden Dome

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Under the Golden Dome: Financial Roads

In the first month of the legislative session it’s common to see heads of large departments visit a committee to explain their budget requests. In January, the Department of Transportation asked for $259 million dollars for its highway division.

The DOT set aside $13 million a year to buy 225,000 tons of salt. Normally they use 156,000 tons in a season. In February, Iowa received record or near record amounts of snowfall and the DOT used a lot of salt on the roads.


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