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The process of creating policy and law in the Iowa Legislature can be complicated. We break it down and make it easier to understand. Under the Golden Dome provides context, depth, and a better understanding of the Iowa legislative session. Learn about elected officials, influencers, and issues on this weekly podcast.
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  • UTGD-2021-08-Cover-3x2-1080.jpg
    John Pemble / IPR
    The legislative season is around the halfway mark, where there is a deadline for most bills to pass out of one full committee. Bills with a financial impact are not subject to this “funnel.” On this episode we walk through six bills that passed this funnel week.
  • Iowa’s Capitol dome.
    John Pemble
    IPR file photo
    Bills that would expand charter schools in Iowa and create scholarships that could be spent on tuition at private schools are advancing as separate proposals in the Iowa House.
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