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White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced a series of steps the Biden administration is taking to try to tackle the threat of domestic extremism.
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IPR News
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    John Pemble
    IPR file
    The Iowa Democratic Party State Central Committee elected Rep. Ross Wilburn of Ames as its new state party chair on Saturday. His election follows a number of blows for Democrats at the ballot box last November, including now-President Joe Biden losing to former President Donald Trump by about 8 points.
  • 01-22-21-RTR-Biden
    Alex Brandon/AP
    Pool AP
    It’s been a historic week for the nation. Joe Biden was sworn in as president on Wednesday after beating single-term incumbent Donald Trump, and Kamala Harris became the first woman, Black American and Asian American to hold the vice presidency.
State Government News
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    Zoom Screen Capture
    The Iowa House and Senate committees and subcommittees are available to the public using video conference systems but both have different rules. There are also changes to the House rules for this new Iowa General Assembly, but those changes do not include amendments from Democrats that would require masks to be worn at the Capitol.
  • 02052017_IowaCapitol_015_3x2_1080.jpg
    John Pemble
    Iowa Public Radio
    As the 89th Iowa General Assembly begins, House Republicans have more seats from the November election and the party maintains a majority status in the Senate. With a Republican governor, this is the fifth year for the party’s trifecta. As is common in a session’s first week, leaders lay out their goals including the governor as she delivers her Condition of the State.
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Insurrection At The Capitol
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