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More Americans are learning to cope with anxiety related to gun violence

River to River, hosted by Ben Kieffer

There have been more mass shootings than days in the year according to the Gun Violence Archive, and 2022 also saw the deadliest school shooting since Sandy Hook ten years ago.

People connected to these shootings have had their lives changed forever, but the events have also impacted those who were not directly connected: 1/3 of adults said they now avoid certain places and events, as a result of shooting-related anxiety, according to a 2019 survey. This hour, psychologist and gun safety advocate Holly Sanger joins River to River to discuss the profound effects and mental health toll that gun violence is having on Americans.

Some listeners may find this content disturbing. Listen with care.

This episode was originally produced 8-16-22.


  • Holly Sanger | Iowa-based clinical psychologist and gun safety advocate with Moms Demand Action

Resources mentioned on this show include the Everytown Survivor Network, Giffords Survivor Network, and the Emergency Lifeline Chat.

Ben Kieffer is the host of IPR's River to River
Caitlin Troutman is a talk show producer at Iowa Public Radio