Documentary Series Reflects on Impact of 2008 Postville Raid

Mar 7, 2019

It's been more than ten years since a 2008 raid by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement rocked the small community of Postville, Iowa. The story of this community, and the undocumented workers swept up in the chaos, is told in a documentary series by director Luis Argueta.

Argueta says he decided to come to Iowa after reading about the raid in a New York Times article.

"What I was reading was so outrageous - the amount of taxpayer money the federal government spent that morning, the way these workers were treated, the violation of labor rights," Argueta says. "I just couldn't believe it, so I said, 'I have to go see it for myself.'" 

In this River to River segment, host Ben Kieffer talks with the Guatemalan-born director and producer, who in June will be honored by the National Peace Corps Association for his coverage of the Postville raid.

The documentary series includes "Abused: The Postville Raid," "Abrazos," and his most recent film, "The U Turn."