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Pence Likens Trump to Reagan at Stop in Fort Dodge

Sarah Boden/IPR
GOP VP nominee Mike Pence and his Karen are greeted by supporters in Fort Dodge. (10/27/2016)

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence returned to Iowa this afternoon, stumping at a rally at Central Iowa Community College in Fort Dodge. Before a crowd of approximately 300 people, Pence said Trump’s ability to give voice to the aspirations and frustrations of the American people is similar to that of President Ronald Reagan.

Republican VP nominee went on to discuss plans for the first 100 days of a Trump administration.

"We’re going to sign a moratorium on any new federal regulation on day one, and Donald Trump and I are going to repeal every single Obama executive order that was signed into law that’s stifling jobs and growth in this economy," pledged Pence.

He also took aim aim at media coverage of national polls that show Trump lagging behind Democrat Hillary Clinton. Pence characterized journalists and the Clinton campaign as ganging up on Trump, and featuring an “air of inevitability” of a Clinton victory, which he says is now contradicted by new polling that shows the presidential race again tightening.

"You heard Hillary Clinton is out there, she’s widening the battle field. She’s campaigning for other candidates, and then oops! New polls are coming out," said Pence, eliciting laughs. "It’s wheel-to-wheel all across the country. Don’t ever doubt it for one second. The race is on and we’re going to race all the way to the checkered flag."

The website FiveThirtyEight.com, which analyzes polling data, currently gives Trump a 17 percent chance of winning the White House. This is a few points higher than what the website was predicting at the beginning of this week.

Both presidential candidates will be in Iowa on Friday. Trump is visiting Cedar Rapids, and Clinton has stops in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines.