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Mike Pence: History Teaches Us That Weakness Arouses Evil

Sarah Boden/IPR
Gov. Mike Pence greets supporters in Mason City

While stumping this afternoon in Mason City, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence told supporters, “It was a weekend of terrorist attacks." The Republican vice presidential nominee was referencing bombs planted in New York and New Jersey, and the stabbing attack at a Minnesota mall.

While addressing roughly 300 people at Music Man Square, Pence said America needs a president who knows the country is at war with what he calls “radical Islamic terrorism.”

"History teaches us that weakness arouses evil," says Pence. "I would submit to you that the weak and feckless foreign policy of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has emboldened our enemies and compromised the safety of the American people."

Pence also discussed the economy. Clinton's economic policies, he says, would stifle U.S. job growth, and that Donald Trump plans to bring prosperity by eliminating red tape and holding America’s trading partners accountable.

"We're finally going to have a president who's going to roll his sleeves up and makes sure that when we have trade deals with countries in our hemisphere or countries around the word that those deals work for American workers first," Pence said.

Pence also pledged that a Trump-Pence administration would lower business taxes from 35 percent, to 15 percent. He says this will allow companies can keep jobs in the U.S.

Recent polls show Donald Trump with an edge over Hillary Clinton in Iowa.