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Pence Goes On The Attack In Cedar Rapids

Dean Borg/IPR
Pence spoke Monday at Modern Companies, Inc., in Cedar Rapids

Republican Vice-presidential nominee, Mike Pence, was on the attack during a Monday rally in Cedar Rapids.

“Hillary Clinton should shut down the Clinton Foundation right now,” Pence told a crowd of about 200 people. “How in the world can they say they will shut down the Clinton Foundation if she’s elected President of the United States?”

Pence portrayed that as allowing “foreign contributors and major corporations to make down payments on access to the Clinton Administration.”

Continuing the assault, Pence said, “It’s time for Hillary Clinton to come clean. Hillary Clinton is in hiding, and Donald Trump is everywhere.”

Pence also criticized the news media.

“While we get up everyday,” he said, “it feels like it’s two on one, with the media doing Hillary Clinton’s work for her each and every day.”

The Indiana Governor told the crowd, “the truth of the matter is we’re still winning hearts and minds every day, and I truly believe the most powerful media in America has been and always will be word of mouth between the American people. So I want you to leave here and tell somebody.”