Governor Reynolds on Trump, the ACA, and 'Unhinged' Comments

Oct 31, 2017

Governor Kim Reynolds has been in office for five months.  In the first half of this River to River program, host Ben Kieffer asks Reynolds about health care, opioid abuse, partisan politics, and the upcoming legislative session.

To start, Reynolds says she had a number of topics to offer Iowa's congressional delegation. 

She says that she thanked them for support of the Renewable Fuel Standard, and work on healthcare.  Her priorities for next legislative session are getting a water quality bill and having a competitive bushiness environment.

"That of course means tax reform, and making it simpler and flatter and more competitive.  It also means making sure we have connectivity across the state if we want young people to stay in rural Iowa, we need to make sure they can connect to the world," Reynolds says.

Reynolds also addresses the reaction to her recent comment that Iowa liberals are "unhinged."

In the second half of the program, we explore the science of fear.