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Art Cullen's "Storm Lake" Wants People To Rethink Flying Over Iowa

The August meeting of the Talk of Iowa Book Club

We are discussing Art Cullen’s “Storm Lake.” Cullen is the editor of the Storm Lake Times a small-town paper in Northwest Iowa that publishes twice a week. He co-owns the paper with his brother John, his wife, Delores, is a photographer and his son Tom is a reporter. The paper has a circulation of 3,000 and its community journalism at its finest.

In 2017, Cullen won the Pulitzer Prize for a series of editorials that laid bare what was going on behind the scenes and helped readers understand the Iowa’s water issues and the political forces surrounding them. After winning The Pulitzer the pressure was on to write a book and the result was “Storm Lake: Change, Resilience and Hope in America’s Heartland.”


Art Cullen, author, "Storm Lake: Change, Resilience and Hope in America's Heartland"

Robert Leonard, journalist and anthropologist in Knoxville

Rene Rocha, professor of political scientist, University of Iowa

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