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Here’s What You Need To Know About Getting Tested For COVID-19

Mufid Majnun
Tests for COVID-19 are in high demand as cases continue to spike across the state and country.

COVID-19 cases continue to spike across the state, highlighting the importance of accurate, affordable and accessible testing.

On this episode of River to River, what you need to know about getting tested for COVID-19. Host Ben Kieffer is joined by IPR health reporter Natalie Krebs and Dr. Fred Gerr, emeritus professor of both internal medicine and occupational and environment health at the University of Iowa, for a look at what factors Iowans should consider when perusing a test, the science of testing and how rising COVID-19 cases may impact testing availability across the state.


  • Natalie Krebs, Iowa Public Radio health reporter
  • Dr. Fred Gerr, professor emeritus of internal medicine at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and professor emeritus of occupational and environmental health at the University of Iowa


Ben Kieffer is the host of IPR's River to River
Katelyn Harrop is a producer for IPR's River to River and Talk of Iowa