Warren Accuses Bloomberg Of Trying To Buy Democratic Nomination

Nov 26, 2019

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren says former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is trying to buy the Democratic presidential nomination.

Bloomberg announced on Sunday he was entering the crowded 2020 Democratic presidential primary field and buying more than $30 million in TV ads. Bloomberg has said Sen. Warren’s wealth tax of 2 percent on fortunes over $50 million could ruin the economy.

“Some people have figured out it’d be a lot cheaper to spend a few hundred mil just buying the presidency instead of paying that two-cent wealth tax,” Warren said to a crowd of 700 in West Des Moines.

Instead of campaigning in early states like Iowa, Bloomberg says he is planning to focus his time on states with larger populations that vote on Super Tuesday, March 3. Warren suggested earlier in the day in Ankeny that Bloomberg is making a high-stakes bet that "bags and bags of money" are all he needs to win.