Secretary of State Says Some Voters Need to Bring Some Proof to the Polls Next Week

Sep 6, 2017

When Iowans go to the polls next week for schoolboard elections, they should take note of some new requirements for proving you’re a valid voter.     

It’s part of the Voter ID bill the legislature approved this year. 

The new mandate to show identification at the polls doesn’t go into effect until next year, but in the meantime other verification will be required for some voters.  

"This is just to ensure the integrity."

Under the law, if you’re a registered voter and you’ve moved within the county and haven’t let the county auditor know your new address, you’ll have to show proof of your new residence, such as a recent utility bill.    

“We're asking voters to have that extra step to show they are a resident of that precinct,” said Iowa Secretary of State Communications Director Kevin Hall.

In the past, a registered voter did not have to show proof of residence in a new precinct within the same county.      

Other changes will affect voters who are registering to vote on Election Day.    

"Go online and update your information now."

Someone registering to vote at the polls has always been required to show current proof of residence.

The new law says the utility bill or other proof must be from the past 45 days.   

“The new law defines what current means,” Hall said.  “This is just to ensure the integrity.”

Hall adds that the best way to make sure you comply with the new law is to make sure your voter registration is up to date.

“The best way to ensure all of this is go ahead and register to vote now,” Hall said.  “If you've moved since the last time you registered to vote, go online and update your information now.”