New Book Views Iowa Through a Multicultural Lens

Dec 10, 2018

"We the Interwoven: an Anthology of Bicultural Iowa" from the Iowa Writers' House is one of the first books of its kind. It's an anthology of work written and illistrated by Iowans with multicultural backgrounds, and it's aimed at telling truly Iowa stories that often go unheard. 

In this hour of Talk of Iowa, host Charity Nebbe is joined by Andrea Wilson, editor of We the Interwoven and founder of the Iowa Writer's House in Iowa City, for a discussion on the creation of the book, and the Bicultural Iowa Writer's Fellowship that jumpstarted its founding. 

Also in the hour, fellows Jesus "Chuy" Renteria and Sadagat Aliyeva discuss their writings that were featured in the book, as well as their experience living among and between diverse cultures here in Iowa.