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Live Iowa State House Election Results 2022

A picture of the Iowa House of Representatives with an election graphic overlay
Madeleine King

View live results for the 2022 Iowa State House elections.

The Iowa House of Representatives:

Iowa's House of Representative is one half of the legislating body in the State of Iowa. The House and Iowa Senate combined represent the legislative branch of Iowa government. The House is empowered to create laws and establish the state budget. Elected representatives are responsible for passing bills on public policy, setting levels for state spending, raising and lowering taxes and voting to uphold or override gubernatorial vetoes.

The House is comprised of 100 individuals, representing individual districts throughout Iowa. All representatives are elected to serve a two-year term, and all are up for election in the 2022 election cycle.

Currently, Republicans control the majority in the chamber, with 60 elected representatives against the Democrats' elected 40.

Balance of Power:

Counting AP race calls as of 3:15 p.m. Central Wednesday afternoon, the current balance is 63 members of the GOP and 32 members of the Democratic party. There are five races still to be called by The AP.

In the 2022 election cycle, a total of 37 candidates are running unopposed. These individuals include:

District: Candidate - PartyDistrict: Candidate - PartyDistrict: Candidate - Party
District 1: J.D. Scholten - DemocratDistrict 3: Thomas Jeneary - RepublicanDistrict 4: Skyler Wheeler - Republican
District 5: Zachary Dieken - RepublicanDistrict 7: Mike Sexton - RepublicanDistrict 8: Ann Meyer - Republican
District 11: Brian Best - RepublicanDistrict 12: Steven Holt - RepublicanDistrict 14: Jacob Bossman - Republican
District 16: David Sieck - RepublicanDistrict 18: Thomas Moore - RepublicanDistrict 22: Stan Gustafson - Republican
District 23: Ray Sorensen - RepublicanDistrict 24: Joel Fry - RepublicanDistrict 26: Austin Harris - Republican
District 29: Brian Meyer - DemocratDistrict 33: Ruth Ann Gaines - DemocratDistrict 36: Austin Baeth - Democrat
District 44: John Forbes - DemocratDistrict 45: Brian Lohse - RepublicanDistrict 49: Beth Wessel-Kroeschell - Democrat
District 50: Ross Wilburn - DemocratDistrict 52: Sue Cahill - DemocratDistrict 54: Joshua Meggers - Republican
District 55: Shannon Latham - RepublicanDistrict 60: Jane Bloomingdale - RepublicanDistrict 62: Jerome Amos - Democrat
District 65: Shannon Lundgren - RepublicanDistrict 68: Chad Ingels - RepublicanDistrict 74: Eric Gjerde - Democrat
District 75: Bob Kressig - DemocratDistrict 77: Jeff Cooling - DemocratDistrict 79: Tracy Ehlert - Democrat
District 86: Dave Jacoby - DemocratDistrict 90: Adam Zabner - DemocratDistrict 95: Taylor Collins - Republican
District 98: Monica Kurth - Democrat

Election Results


In a special session in late 2021, the Iowa Legislature approved new district maps for representation for the next 10 years. These maps were created by the nonpartisan Legislative Services Agency, utilizing data from the 2020 Census. Following redistricting, representatives and district numbers may change, and several legislators have chosen to retire or move to continue to represent a district, if reelected.

A map of Iowa's House of Representatives districts as agreed to during the 2021 redistricting process.
Legislative Services Agency