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If you don't bother wasps, they won't bother you

Talk of Iowa, hosted by Charity Nebbe

Social wasps, yellowjackets, and bald-faced hornets are not pollinators, but they do have beneficial behaviors.

On this buzzin' episode of Talk of Iowa, Zach Schum joins the program to discuss "social wasps." Social wasps might make you think of the wasps that invade your backyard parties and try to insert themselves into your beverage of choice, but it refers to the fact that certain kinds of wasps like to live in groups.

Later in the hour, Aaron Steil joins the program to answer listeners' horticulture day questions.


  • Zach Schum, entomologist, Iowa State University Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic
  • Aaron Steil, horticulture specialist, ISU Extension and Outreach
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Charity Nebbe is the host of IPR's Talk of Iowa
Katherine Perkins is IPR's Program Director for News and Talk