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Wade In The Water Ep. 2: In Search Of The Sacred

Wade in the Water is a 26-part series, originally released in 1994, that celebrates African American sacred music and traditions. To learn more about the series, click here . For more episodes click here or listen on the go with the NPR One app.

One woman's search for the broader meanings of the African American interpretations of religious beliefs as "the saved" and "the sacred."

Song List

  • Bernice Johnson Reagon, "Wade in the Water" (NPR Recording)
  • Rev. Roger Drake, "He Touched Me" (NPR Recording)
  • New Provisor Baptist Church, "I'll Go" (NPR Recording)
  • Mt. Early Baptist Church / New Provisor Baptist Church, "This Is the Dressing Room" (NPR Recording)
  • Sweet Honey in the Rock, "Hallelu"
  • Fannie Lou Hamer, "Walk with Me"
  • Voices of the Civil Rights Movement, "Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around"
  • Voices of the Civil Rights Movement, "Jacob's Ladder"
  • SNCC Freedom Singers, "Woke Up This Morning"
  • Bessie Jones, "O Death"
  • Georgia Sea Island Singers, "Knee Bone"
  • Son House, "Death Letter Blues"
  • Rev. Flora Moten, "Oh Zion What's the Matter Now"
  • Rev. Pearly Brown, "Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning"
  • Sweet Honey in the Rock, "Ella's Song"
  • Sweet Honey in the Rock, "Breaths"
  • Sweet Honey in the Rock, "Echo"
  • Wade in the Water was produced by Judi Moore Latta and Sonja Williams.

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