Rand Rallies Republicans

Oct 22, 2014

U-S Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky is in Iowa today in support of GOP candidates up and down the ticket. Speaking at the University of Northern Iowa on behalf of First District Congressional candidate Rod Blum, Paul said he believes Republicans will do well in the upcoming election,” in Kentucky where I’m from, the Democratic candidate for the U-S Senate can’t remember who she voted for for President, and then you come to Iowa and everybody comes here for the Democrat but they can’t remember his name either, I really wish Bruce Bailey well, I really do.”

Paul was making reference to an appearance by First Lady Michelle Obama earlier this month when she called Bruce Braley: Bruce Bailey.  His speech at UNI lasted just 13 minutes.  Senator Paul will attend a barbeque this afternoon  for State Representative Bobby Kaufmann of Wilton and later tonight in Iowa City he‘s expected to endorse Joni Ernst in the U.S. Senate race.