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Union of Grinnell Student Dining Workers

Grinnell Students Drop Union Expansion Bid

Grinnell College students are dropping their bid to expand their union. That’s amid fears their case currently before a federal board could allow regulators to undo student union rights nationwide. Organizers and union members at private schools across the country are watching the case, and some encouraged the Grinnell students to withdraw. “Obviously no one here considers this to be a loss, “ said Cory McCartan, a representative for the Union of Grinnell Student Dining Workers. “This is just...

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Unsettled: Mapping #MeToo


Episode 5: Defining the "Man Box" and Breaking it Down

#MeToo continues to be a powerful conversation starter about power dynamics and gender roles, and phrases like "toxic masculinity" are becoming mainstream. During this episode of Unsettled: Mapping #MeToo , we hear from Bryant Smith, author of Manhood: The Missing Manual and talk about "the man box" and how to get outside of it.

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Holiday Specials

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Fresh Air Weekend highlights some of the best interviews and reviews from past weeks, and new program elements specially paced for weekends. Our weekend show emphasizes interviews with writers, filmmakers, actors and musicians, and often includes excerpts from live in-studio concerts. This week:

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Ryan Zinke is out as secretary of the interior.

Zinke will be leaving the Trump administration at the end of the year; his successor is expected to be announced next week.

On Saturday morning, President Trump tweeted that Zinke is leaving after serving for almost two years. He said Zinke has accomplished much during his tenure and thanked him for his service.

Wolves are making a big comeback in Germany, which is making some Germans uneasy.

Farmers and hunters drove the species out of the country over 150 years ago, but conditions for wolves became more welcoming in 1990, after Germany's reunification extended European endangered species protections to the eastern part of the country.

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This week in the Russia investigations: Michael Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison ... Maria Butina pleaded guilty ... but the finish line looks no closer


NPR's 50 Best Albums of 2018

The 50 Best Albums Of 2018

Art is identity, scream these best albums of 2018. Even when it's pure invention. The most striking things we heard this year mined personal experiences that could feel intimate as whispers or bold and overstuffed as superhero science fiction. Even in an era where listeners have been primed for the unexpected, genuine surprises arrived steadily across the last 12 months – a cascade of introductions, breakthroughs, revelations and rebirths to reward whatever precious attention you could give. ...

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Studio One Featured Release

Featured Release This Week From JD McPherson + Tracks Top 30 Playlist

JD McPherson is a songwriter, vocalist and guitarist who specializes in a retro blend of classic rhythm and blues, rock and roll, and rockabilly. McPherson and his band don't just play in imitation of those genres; they thoroughly inhabit them. Since his debut album received wide release in 2012, McPherson has attracted legions of fans who quickly picked up on his authenticity. His fourth record, Socks , is sure to continue that trend. It's a fun listen from beginning to end, with the...

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Iowa Arts Showcase

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