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Tim Hynds / Sioux City Journal

Reynolds, Hubbell Debate On Budget, Medicaid In Sioux City

During the second gubernatorial debate held in Sioux City Wednesday night, the candidates fought over their positions on the state’s fiscal situation and the future of Medicaid.

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"The Daily" comes to IPR Monday, October 15

IPR is proud to deliver the new radio edition of the popular podcast The Daily to listeners Monday - Friday on IPR News and News/Studio One

Glenn Pomeroy wants you to take the warnings seriously. He's the CEO of California Earthquake Authority. It's his job to ensure the state, and the people in it, are prepared for a catastrophic quake.

<<short quote here? I talk but no one listens. I don't know what else to do....I need a megaphone....just something that transition from lede to the graph below>>

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"Thank YOU," writes Cara Christensen, a first-grade teacher in Washington State who read NPR's deep-dive into the troubled Public Service Loan Forgiveness program (PSLF). The reporting, she says, "made me feel not so alone."

We received dozens of e-mails, tweets and Facebook comments from aggrieved borrowers responding to news that, over the past year, 99 percent of applications for the popular loan-forgiveness program have been denied.

Empress Of Pivots From 'Me' To 'Us'

1 hour ago

When Lorely Rodriguez first shared her music with the world, she did it anonymously. The East L.A. native uploaded short snippets of experimental pop to YouTube under the name Empress Of. Those demos turned into a record deal and a debut album in 2015 titled Me; on her new record, it's all about Us.

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In Japan, the springtime bloom of cherry blossoms is an annual rite of celebration, accompanied by picnics and parties under the flowering canopy.

But this week, an odd thing happened: Some of the trees bloomed again. In autumn.

Especially as the midterm elections approach, there's an unavoidable stream of news about politics in crisis: words like "polarization" and "tribalism" paint a portrait of voters retreating intransigently to their respective corners (or, more accurately, social media bubbles).

A new poll gives a clearer picture of what that "tribalism" looks like: Americans differ not just on their ideology or political team, but on the issues they view as problems.

Pew presented registered voters with 18 issues, asking those voters how big of a problem each issue is.


Life doesn't stop when the sun goes down.

This year, Iowa Week on Talk of Iowa will explore Iowa After Dark. We’ll work the night shift, go out on the town, find out where to get the best late night eats and talk bats, owls and more!

Iowa Arts Showcase

Through short interviews, your host, Jacqueline Halbloom highlights the efforts and activities of non-profit arts and culture organizations throughout Iowa.

Studio One Featured Release

Featured Release This Week From Interpol + Tracks Top 30 Playlist

2018 seems to be shaping up as a good year for solid new records from twenty-year-old (or so) bands. This week's Featured Release is the first in four years from the New York-based group Interpol. Interpol formed in 1997, and released their critically acclaimed debut album in 2002. The new record Marauder was recorded in upstate New York with producer Dave Fridmann, known for his work with bands like Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev, MGMT and Spoon. It's indie rock further defined as post-punk...

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