Politics Day: Iowa Senate GOP Tax Cuts

Mar 1, 2018

Iowa Senate Republicans have been fast-tracking $1 billion dollars in annual income tax cuts, as Democrats warn that could force huge spending cuts on education and health care. 

“It’s really hard to figure out how this tax cut figures into existing Iowan reality," says political scientist Dave Andersen of Iowa State University. "The last two years, we’ve had budget shortfalls mid-year, leading to sudden and rather unexpected cuts to the state budget; meaning that Iowa is simply not raising the tax revenue we need in order to fund government the way the legislature has decided to spend money."

On this politics day edition of River to River, political scientists Andersen and Jonathan Hassid of ISU give their analysis of the Iowa Senate GOP's tax plan. They also discuss the latest on the push for gun control, the Russia probe, and the China Communist Party's plan to abolish term limits on the presidency.