Mixed Reviews for 2014 State of the Union

Jan 29, 2014

President Obama stepped to the podium to deliver his 2014 State of the Union address against a backdrop of low approval ratings, a stagnant Congress and the term “lame duck” increasingly being used to describe his presidency.  The State of the Union is often seen as an opportunity to press the reset button.  But, an analysis of the list of priorities requiring Congressional action unveiled in 2013 shows only two measures winning approval.  This may have been what prompted the President to say he was prepared to use Executive Orders to accomplish some of his agenda.  Host Ben Kieffer gets analysis of the 2014 State of the Union and the GOP responses from Donna Hoffman, Chair of Political Science at University of Northern Iowa and Wayne Moyer, Rosefield Professor of Political Science at Grinnell College.  They discuss the "inequality" theme present throughout the President's speech, as well as energy policy, immigration reform and Iran sanctions.  They also talk about the GOP and Tea Party responses.