Java Blend LIVE Event: Kevin B.F. Burt 12/13

Aug 1, 2013

Join us for a free hour of electric blues with Kevin B.F. Burt!
Credit Kevin B.F. Burt

On Friday, Dec. 13,  at 2 PM at Iowa City's downtown Java House, IPR Studio One's Ben Kieffer will host a special hour of "Java Blend" with Kevin B.F. Burt.

Ben Kieffer will chat with Burt to find out more about the artist while the band performs a live 50-minute set. This program is free and open to the public!

For over 20 years, Kevin “B.F.” Burt has been electrifying audiences throughout the nation dispelling the myth that true blues has no roots in Iowa.  His soul-inspired presentation is unique which consistently gets him compared to a range of artists like Bill Withers and Aaron Nevill, with the ability to build an audience rapport that has been compared to B.B. King.

Burt is a self-taught musician on vocals, harmonica, and guitar, whose smooth, warm vocal presentation sets a mood of relaxed exhilaration, with a welcome mixture of serious music and infectious humor audiences of all ages enjoy.  His voice and presence are powerful.  His unique delivery ranges from the sweetest, fullest, juiciest come-on to the most playful growl.

This program will air Saturday, Jan. 4 at 2 PM on IPR Studio One. Stay tuned for fresh brewed artists for next season!