Iowa High School Students Have New Ways To Earn Scholarship Cash

Mar 2, 2016

The University of Iowa is announcing a plan that credits Iowa high school students for such things as good grades and community service with eventual scholarship money.

The UI is partnering with 99 Iowa school districts in a pilot program that accumulates up to 12-hundred dollars in what’s called a “micro-scholarship”.                                                      

The UI’s vice president for Student Services, Tom Rocklin, says such things as a “B”-grade in math courses earns $25, $75 for a year’s perfect attendance, and $100 for four-years of a foreign language.

“As the students accumulate the money, they’ll see the progress they’re making. And when they arrive at the University of Iowa, we’ll award that money as a scholarship,” he says.

The UI is piloting the micro-scholarships throughout the state’s 99-counties, in districts with the most free and reduced-price lunches.  One of them is Cedar Rapids. 

“Students making that decision: ’Should I do that fourth year of band, and I think, why not, and I’ll also get a micro-scholarship as a part of that,’” says Brad Buck, Cedar Rapids School Superintendent,  “That’s just one of the great outcomes we’d be hoping for.”

Five other Iowa colleges: Cornell, Clarke, Drake, Buena Vista, and Dordt are offering similar micro-scholarship credits.