Culver to "Step Back" from Politics This Fall

Jul 5, 2016

Former Democratic Governor Chet Culver says there are interesting races on the November ballot including the contest between his former Lieutenant Governor Patty Judge and Republican incumbent Charles Grassley. 

But he says his new job as president of the Greater Des Moines YMCA will keep him from working to get Judge and other Democrats elected.  

Culver says working for the YMCA, he’ll have to appeal to both Republicans and Democrats.

“So I will take a step back from the political arena,” Culver says.  

Culver was a formidable fundraiser during his years in public office.   But says he’s glad to take a break from partisan politics.

“Not getting into political debates and discussions every day appealed to me,” Culver says.

The YMCA  created the job with Culver in mind.    He assumes his new position on July 5th.

Culver did not rule out a victory for former Lieutenant Governor Judge in the U.S. Senate race.

“People have overcome odds,” Culver says.  “I wasn't supposed to be elected or get the democratic nomination,” Culver says, referring back to his election to the governor’s office in 2006.

Culver calls Judge a true public servant. 

“Patty’s been doing this longer than me,” Culver said.  “She knows what she needs to do and she’ll do it.”