2nd District Candidate Peters Calls For Less Government

Aug 12, 2016

Dr. Christopher Peters introduced himself to an audience at the Iowa State Fair Thursday as the Republican candidate for Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District. Peters told those gathered at the Des Moines Register Political Soapbox he wants to make sure people have less government in people’s lives.

“Our founders were deeply distrustful of centralized powerful government,” he said. “They sought to diffuse power between the three branches of the national government, as well as between the national government and the separate state governments.”

Peters is a Coralville surgeon who says government subsidies and regulation in the health care industry have caused prices to rise too high, except for practices subject to free market forces.

“These includes cosmetic surgery and corrective vision procedure such as Lasic,” he says. “In these two industries we’ve seen costs remain stable relative to inflation, and the quality of care and services actually improve over time.  This is what one would expect with free market competition.”

In 2010, Peters ran as a Libertarian in an unsuccessful bid for a state senate seat.  In November he faces incumbent Dave Loebsack, a Democrat who has held the office for five terms.