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Andre Perry On His New Essay Collection "Some Of Us Are Very Hungry Now"

Matthew Alvarez
Andre Perry describes his writing process and inspiration for his new work of collection of essays.

In a new collection of essays, “Some Of Us Are Very Hungry Now,” Andre Perry writes about his journey from Washington D.C. to Iowa City to Hong Kong exploring questions about race, racism, homophobia, self-discovery and identity. 

"This book is about the journey of 'how you figure out who you are? What are the situations in life that challenge you?'" Perry says. "This is about that process I believe a number of us go through.” 

Perry is the executive director of the Englert Theater in Iowa City. He is also co-founder of both the Mission Creek and Witching Hour Festivals and will be reading from his collection of essays on Nov. 14 at Prairie Lights. 


  • Andre Perry, author, director of the Englert Theater
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