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Newsroom Romance: Davenport Author Hector Lareau Talks About His Two Book Series

During this Talk of Iowa interview, host Charity Nebbe talks with romance novelist Hector Lareau about his Newsroom Romance series.

Lareau, a novelist and lawyer based in Davenport, draws on his experience in a Des Moines newsroom for his books Love, Local, Latebreaking, and Traffick Report. The high pressure newsroom environment inspired him to write romance. 

"When people are in pressure cookers, that's when they have to grow in order to survive," Lareau says. "I think the newsroom is the perfect place to see people transform themselves from one point of view to another or to just to become stronger people."

In this segment, Lareau reads an excerpt from his novel and shares his longstanding interest in the romance as a literary genre.