Utility Disconnections Concern State Human Rights Official

Nov 21, 2016

Nearly nine thousand Iowa utility customers had their power shut off in October due to non payment of bills.

The latest report by Iowa’s largest utility companies shows more than 40 million dollars in past due bills.  Iowa Human Rights Department spokesperson Jerry McKim says he’s troubled by other information contained in that document.

“Just for September and October, there were 8,896 disconnected, so going into November even though the weather was mild, (it doesn’t look like it coming out) we have nearly 9,000 households at least without power,” McKim says.

McKim says that disconnection figure is the largest for any October dating back to 1999.  A federal program called LIHEAP provides protection from having the power shut off between November 1st and March 31st.

McKim warns only households certified eligible for low income assistance and who have registered are covered by the moratorium.