It's Here: Ash Borer in Polk County

May 8, 2015

Five years after it was initially confirmed in Iowa, the Emerald Ash Borer is on the door step of Des Moines, the state's largest city. The pest has finally entered Polk County and Rick Fredericksen has the story.

Infested ash trees have been discovered in West Des Moines and Urbandale. For Des Moines property owners, now is time for treatment. But Iowa State University entomologist Mark Shour urges caution to avoid high pressure tactics.  

“There’s always a few people that will try these sales tactics. When somebody comes knocking on the door, especially in the Des Moines area, we encourage people to get at least three estimates from bona fide companies.”  

So far, a large portion of western Iowa is still not showing signs of the infestation. I'm Rick Fredericksen, Iowa Public Radio News.