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Michael Leland

News Director

Michael joined IPR in 2015 and has overseen initiatives such as the establishment of IPR’s western Iowa beat, and fulltime health reporting position. He has also led newsrooms at Wisconsin Public Radio and Michigan Radio. Before getting into management, Michael’s reporting career took him to a variety of places, from Chicago City Hall, to a former coal mine 600 feet under southern Illinois, to an Inuit community in far northern Canada. After nearly 35 years in broadcast journalism, Michael says he’s always learning new things and that this is a very exciting and rewarding time to be in journalism!

Michael is a New Englander who came to the Midwest for graduate school in the mid '80s and decided to call this part of the country home. He has a master’s in Journalism and Mass Communication from Kansas State University. His undergraduate degree is in Communications and Business Administration from Curry College in Milton, Massachusetts.

Contact Michael at mleland@iowapublicradio.org.