Katelyn Harrop

Talk Show Producer

Katelyn Harrop joined Iowa Public Radio as a talk show producer in 2018, where she works on IPR’s national award-winning programs River to River and Talk of Iowa.

Before heading to Iowa, Katelyn was the News Director at WRFI Community Radio in Ithaca, New York where she produced a daily news magazine program, designed and directed the station’s original morning talk show, and co-founded a hyperlocal investigative news exchange. She has also worked as a freelance reporter covering public policy and social movements for digital publications including Vice and ATTN.

Katelyn is a proud Oregonian, and when she’s not in the office you can probably find her scoping out the Midwest’s best live music acts or hiking in Iowa’s Driftless Area.

Polk County Housing Trust Fund

Cities and towns across the United States were shaped by a system many people have never heard of.

That system is called redlining -- a discriminatory  practice by which banks and other financial organizations refused to serve specific neighborhoods, usually based on race. 

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After divorce number two, getting married again was the last thing on Niki Boesen-Bonker’s mind. “I would have said, no way, over my dead body,” Boesen-Bonker says. But a few years later she fell in love and decided, once again, to take the plunge.

What does it mean to find love and companionship after the end of a marriage? On this episode of Talk of Iowa, host Charity Nebbe is joined by Iowans who share their story of finding love again. 

LifeLine Pilots

Traveling hundreds or even thousands of miles to seek medical attention is just one of many potential barriers to receiving care. One Midwestern organization is working to break down that barrier, and they're doing it at no cost to the patients in need. 

iowa capitol
John Pemble/IPR file

State lawmakers are heading back to the Iowa Capitol for the 2020 legislative session Monday, Jan. 13. This session will mark the fourth consecutive year with Republicans in control of the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the governor’s office.

Here are some of the topics statehouse leaders expect to discuss this year.

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When Kwizera Imani was attending school in the Mtabila refugee camp in Tanzania, he never imagined a life in Iowa, let alone attending college in Ames.

More than a decade later, Imani has graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in aerospace engineering with five interships under his belt and a brand new job  as a senior associate software engineer for Collins Aerospace that will take him from the Midwest to Sterling, Virginia. 

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The impacts of trauma can be unexpected, affecting not only mental and emotional health but also physical well being. Through Trauma Sensitive Yoga, a modified yoga practice that prioritizes a healthy realtionship with one's body and similarly informed tai-chi programs, some survivors have found a new kind of relief.

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In 2019, Iowans said goodbye to a number of remarkable leaders and voices in the state.

On this episode of River to River, host Ben Kieffer is joined by journalists, loved ones, and colleagues to remember the lives of several notable Iowans who passed last year.

Charity Nebbe/IPR

This program originally aired on 9-27-19

All this week, Talk of Iowa has explored the question “Iowa: Is this home?” On the final episode of this Iowa Week series, six stories of finding, or perhaps not finding, home from Iowans originally from other parts of the country and the globe.

This episode origionally aired on  11-7-19

Mikhail Khodorkovsky was once believed to be the wealthiest man in Russia.  In the 1990’s, Khodorkovsky rocketed to prosperity and celebrity, but his fortunes drastically changed. He ended up serving a decade in prison, and became an unlikely martyr for the movement against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Back in September, more than 1,000 people packed Coe College’s Sinclair Auditorium in Cedar Rapids to hear Democratic presidential candidates in the first LGBTQ forum of the 2020 race. 

Ten candidates including former Vice President Joe Biden, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and Senators Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and Amy Klobuchar joined the event. Each took the stage to share how they plan to address the concerns of LGBTQ voters.

Susan McClellen / University of Iowa

Many people experiencing acute mental health crises may find themselves sitting in an emergency room, experiencing long wait times as they seek help. University of Iowa Hospital and Clinic’s Crisis Stabilization Unit offers an alternative to the emergency room for individuals experiencing a mental health crisis in a comfortable environment that prioritizes patient needs.

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The concept of a "Medicare for All" health care system has been a point of debate in the 2020 race. A similar system has been in place in Canada for years.  Based off his experience working, researching and receiving care in both Iowa and Canada, one doctor shares what he's learned while working within the two systems. 

On this edition of Talk of Iowa, IPR's Studio One hosts Mark Simmet, Tony Dehner, and Cece Mitchell share their top  albums of 2019. They take turns describing the value of each album and presenting short clips of music. Later on in the hour, we hear their favorite albums of the decade. 

Find the full list of the albums here. 


Photo Courtesry of Sehba Faheem

Generation Z is the most racially and ethnically diverse generation yet, and they’re poised to be the most educated generation too.  In 2020, Gen Zers, many of whom are in their early 20s and late teens will also become the newest generation to head out on Caucus Day with the hopes of influencing the selection of the next Democratic nominee for president.

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

On Tuesday, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) unveiled two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. The Democrat-controlled House is charging Trump with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.  

John Minchillo / AP Photo

With California Sen. Kamala Harris out of the race, the next Democratic primary debate stage is set to feature the whitest lineup in the 2020 race yet, despite the historic racial and ethnic diversity represented in the current presidential candidate pool. 

At the time Harris announced plans to suspend her campaign, the debate stage was poised to feature an all-white slate of candidates. Businessman Andrew Yang, who is Asian American, has since qualified for the December 19th debate, cohosted by PBS NewsHour and Politico.

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Indoor plants are popular during the holiday season and often require specific instructions for maintenance and care. During this Talk of Iowa podcast, ISU Extension Horticulture Specialist Richard Jauron and Assistant Director of Reiman Gardens Aaron Steil explain how to help plants and flowers like Poinsettias, Norfolk Island Pine, and holiday cacti thrive throughout December and beyond.

John Pemble / IPR File


With Caucus Day less than three months away, River to River has kicked off a series of interviews with 2020 presidential candidates. During this segment, host Ben Kieffer talks with California Senator Kamala Harris. Harris discusses her plans to provide a tax credit of up to $6,000 annually for families with incomes at or below $100,000, her efforts to expand mental healthcare, her goal to increase wages for Iowa teachers, and her plans for Thanksgiving in Des Moines.

Alejandro Carrasco


It's game time. On this edition of Talk of Iowa, we hear stories of sportsmanship and athleticism. From playing basketball on the Nigerian national team, to running and losing the race of a lifetime, Iowans share their best sports stories.

This show was recorded at a recent event sponsored by Iowa Watch: The Iowa Center for Public Affairs Journalism and Iowa Public Radio at Merge in downtown Iowa City. 


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Iowa Supreme Court Justice Mark Cady died suddenly last Friday at the age of 66, leaving behind both a vacancy and a new era for the court. After Cady's unexpected heart attack, Justice David Wiggins has taken over as acting chief justice while the process to fill Cady's seat begins. 

Darren Tromblay

The only grocery store in Ogden burned down Saturday night, and now Ogden residents will have to travel 10 miles to the nearest store. 

ISU associate scientist Dave Swenson, Talk of Iowa host Charity Nebbe, and Miranda Parker of the Ogden Reporter weigh in what the loss of the grocery store means for the Ogden community. 

Wayne For America

River to River's "Home State View" series helps us understand how the presidential candidates are viewed as leaders in the state they call home. Host Ben Kieffer interviews journalists who have spent years covering the candidates. We get the little-known detail about each hopeful's history. Click the "play" button to listen.

John Pemble / IPR



With Caucus Day less than three months away, River to River has kicked off a series of interviews with 2020 presidential candidates. In this segment, host Ben Kieffer talks with New Jersey Senator Cory Booker. Booker discusses his plans to expand gun regulations, how he hopes to tackle climate change, health care, a new plan aimed at revitalizing rural communities, and how he stays sharp on the campaign trail with meditation.  

Katelyn Harrop/IPR

Timeless Prairie Orchard sits on a dusty road in Winthrop, and in each direction, it’s corn and soy as far as the eye can see. Apple farms are few and far between in these parts, but through this small, tree-lined property, owners Dave and Susie Differding have carved out an orchard.

Adam Heater Media, LLC

There are more than five thousand religious communities across the state. The Comparison Project, based out of Drake University, seeks to bring people into the hundreds of faith groups based in Des Moines through “Meet My Religious Neighbor,” a monthly open house project.

Michael Leland/IPR

Much of Iowa saw inches of snow this week, in what some felt to be an unwelcome early start to the winter weather season.

Axne Defends Impeachment Inquiry

Nov 1, 2019
John Pemble / Iowa Public Radio


All three of Iowa's Democratic representatives in the U.S. House voted Thursday to approve a resolution formalizing the impeachment inquiry into President Trump. Rep. Cindy Axne, who represents Iowa's third congressional district, says she stands by her decision based on the evidence of wrongdoing revealed thus far. 

Charlie Neibergall / Associated Press

When you go to the polls next week, don’t forget your ID. The upcoming election will be the first to see the enforcement of Iowa's new voter identification law, further differentiating Iowa's voter regulations from some neighboring states. 

Gage Skidmore / Creative Commons

River to River's "Home State View" series helps us understand how the presidential candidates are viewed as leaders in the states they call home. Host Ben Kieffer interviews journalists who have spent years covering the candidates. We get the little-known details about each hopeful's history. Click the "play" button to listen.

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Theater has a problem. Only 30% of all plays performed nationwide last year were written by women, and that number is even lower in parts of the Midwest. Iowa State wants to change that.