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Suspicious Package Leads To Dubuque Airport Terminal Evacuation

City of Dubuque
Dubuque Regional Airport's terminal building opened this past summer.

A suspicious package caused the Dubuque Regional Airport to evacuate some passengers from the terminal this morning.

Transportation Security Administration spokesperson David Dailey says the item was found at a checkpoint during passenger and baggage screening.

“Sometimes routine things that people bring through can often look funny on the x-ray and so out of an abundance of caution we needed to clear the area before we continued with the resolution process of this item,” he says.

Dailey says local authorities were notified and the terminal was shut down for about an hour.

“Just out of an abundance of caution depending on what we’re looking at, we want to take a little more time and clear the area before we go forward and that’s what happened here in Dubuque this morning and we’re just happy it worked out well for everyone,” he says.

Dailey says most passengers just waited outside the terminal in their vehicles until the “all clear” was announced. He says package was found to be harmless, and passengers were allowed to continue boarding the aircraft.