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Clay Masters / Iowa Public Radio

Democrats Court Iowa's Rural Voters

There are a lot of Democrats with presidential ambitions in 2020 and many of them are already making trips to Iowa. This cycle, at least some Democratic candidates are trying hard to win over rural supporters who were largely ignored in 2016. Ten farmers and small business owners sit around a table at the public library in Perry, Iowa and talk with Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown. He’s getting their perspective as he mulls whether or not to run for president. He’s able to partake in farm country...

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Ozark Folk Center

A seventy year old recording of dulcimer music leads to the story of an Iowa ghost town and an uncommon musical instrument. The Thomas Mann recordings are courtesy of the American Folklife Center, Sidney Robertson Cowell Collection, Library of Congress. Sounds from July, 1937, in Ortonville, Iowa.

Bill Kooker

Forty years before Disneyland opened, central Iowa had Riverview Park. Original sounds from the arcade, the steam engine train and the Riviera Ballroom. Recordings are courtesy of Bill Kooker, who provides a wealth of information at his Riverview website. Kooker was the park's last General Manager. Sounds from pre-1978.


Madeleine King / Iowa Public Radio

Hinterland Announces the 2019 Festival Lineup and It’s Fire

The Hinterland music festival in St. Charles is announcing it’s 2019 line up today, including a mix of Grammy nominated and Midwest-based acts. The festival will also expand to three days this summer. “It’s our fifth year, so I felt like I wanted to do something special and bring back a few artists. Every year, being a single stage festival, we deal with having too many artists for not enough slots,” says Sam Summers, who organizes the event. “This year, I had some opportunities to bring some...

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Studio One Featured Release

Featured Release This Week From Pedro The Lion + Tracks Top 30 Playlist

David Bazan is the frontman of the Seattle-based band Pedro The Lion. Even though the singer/songwriter also has a long and successful solo career, and his latest batch of songs reflect on his hometown and growing up there, Bazan decided to record these songs as a group project. Phoenix is the first Pedro The Lion album in about 15 years. Bazan's effectively delivers his heartfelt and detailed lyrics based on his memories of his youth in the desert city. He plays bass, synth, and some guitar...

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Under the Golden Dome

John Pemble/IPR

Under the Golden Dome: Legalize It?

Sen. Joe Bolkcom, D-Iowa City, wants to expand marijuana access in Iowa. Bolkcom says marijuana should be regulated and taxed like alcohol. Other states have legalized marijuana use in some form but it is still illegal under federal law, and it is unlikely Iowa legislators will take action.
But legislators are considering bills that would legalize sports betting. In May 2018 the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling that allows states to have this form of gambling. Eight states have...

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