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Southern Images

Guests: DIANE MCWHORTER Reporter and author of Carry Me Home: Birmingham, Alabama - The Climactic Battle fo the Civil Rights Revolution (Simon and Schuster, 2001) Covering the Birmingham church bombing trial JAMES COBB Professor and Chairman of History at the University of Georgia Author of Redefining Southern Culture: Mind and Identity in the Modern South (University of Georgia Press,1999) Dr. CLINTON BRISTOW President, Alcorn State University JAY WINIK Author of April 1865: The Month That Saved America (Harper Collins, 2001) Senior Scholar at the University of Maryland School of Public Affairs In Birmingham, Alabama the murder trial of an ex-Klansman, accused of killing four black girls in the bombing of a Baptist Church began this week after 38 years of delay. Last week, Mississippians voted to keep their state flag with the confederate emblem rather than replacing it with a cluster of 20 stars, despite efforts of lawmakers. Those two news stories are evidence of the dichotomy between the past and present that ontinues to be part of life in the South. While lawmakers and businessmen try to raise the image of a new south, the old one and remnants of it's racist past persist. Join guest host Melinda Penkava and guests as they as they take a look at a conflicted south and a past that won't go away.

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