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Oceans & Fisheries Update

Guests: MERCIDHS LEE Editor, Seafood Lover's Almanac Assistant Director, Living Oceans Program National Audubon Society Islip, New York DAVID HELVARG Investigative Journalist Author, Blue Frontier: Saving America's Living Seas (W. H. Freeman, 2001) Washington, DC BARBARA BLOCK Charles and Elizabeth Prothro Professor, Marine Sciences Hopkins Marine Station Stanford University Pacific Grove, California Twenty-five years ago, the U.S. passed the first law to manage its ocean fisheries. Now the law is up for re-authorization as many of the world's fisheries are overfished and coastal development threatens fish habitats. In this hour, we'll take an Earth Day look at marine conservation, informed seafood consumption, and other oceans issues. Plus, cataloging life in the world's seas.

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