Week In The News: Obamacare’s Future, New Year Terror, Russian Hacking

Jan 6, 2017

Obamacare showdown. Russian hacking hearing. Terror in Istanbul. Mariah Carey’s  New Year’s meltdown. Our weekly news round table goes behind the headlines.

U.S. intelligence chiefs front and center this week on Russian hacking of the U.S. election season. Unwavering on Capitol Hill. Donald Trump, casting doubt. The new Republican-dominated Congress turned straight to Obamacare with a promise to repeal. How they’ll replace it, still unclear. Same with who will pay for that wall with Mexico. It may be you. We’ve got a terrible beating livestreamed out of Chicago. Dylan Roof, faces sentencing in Charleston.  This hour On Point, our weekly news roundtable goes behind the headlines. — Tom Ashbrook


Nancy Cordes, Congressional correspondent for CBS News. (@nancycordes)

Tom Bullock, political and investigative reporter for WFAE, the public radio affiliate in Charlotte, NC. (@tomwfae)

Jack Beatty, On Point news analyst. (@JackBeattyNPR)

From Tom’s Reading List

CBS News: Top U.S. intel officials say election hacking part of “multifaceted” Russian effort — “Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers and Marcel Lettre, undersecretary of defense for intelligence, are testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Russian cyberattacks during the 2016 election as well as the greater cyber threat Russia poses to the U.S.”

WFAE: Cooper Wants To Expand Medicaid, But Can He? — “The future of the Affordable Care Act dominated the news Wednesday. While Democrats and Republicans huddled on Capitol Hill to discuss the future of the law, here in North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper announced his plan to expand Medicaid in the state.  But the future of that move is as murky as the fate of Obamacare itself.”

The Wall Street Journal: Turkey Extends State of Emergency in Wake of Attack Claimed by Islamic State — “Turkey’s parliament voted to extend the government’s state-of-emergency powers following the deadly New Year’s attack claimed by Islamic State, as the country struggles to contain rising terrorist threats and law enforcement contends with depleted ranks in the wake of last year’s failed coup.”

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