Lime Springs Beef Looking For Help

Aug 24, 2015

Lime Springs Beef CEO Jesse Stevens outside the meat processing facility that is set to open in October.
Credit IPR's Pat Blank

Lime Springs Beef, a new 15- thousand square foot meat processing plant near the Minnesota border will open soon. Spokesperson Kyle Wooters says what they need now are employees.  He says they’ll hold two job fairs this week.

“We’re looking for all people in the plant, production workers," Wooters says.  "We’re looking to hire about 40 or 50 of those and shipping and grading and office support staff."

 Wooters says they have an opening target date of October 15th.  The company is owned by about 30 local farmers. Members of the Crestwood FFA Chapter in Cresco have also invested $20 thousand dollars in the project.

The job fairs will be held Thursday at the Cresco campus of Northeast Iowa Community College and on Saturday at the plant, located at 4614 Highway 63 in Lime Springs.