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Reynolds To Occupy Formal Office Instead of Basement Digs

Joyce Russell/IPR

One difference is emerging in the workday customs of new Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and her predecessor Terry Branstad.  

What an amazing office. -Gov. Kim Reynolds

Instead of working in a private office on the ground floor of the capitol, Reynolds will conduct daily business in the governor’s more public and expansive formal office upstairs.  

In recent administrations the formal office has been the setting for receptions and bill-signings, but Reynolds plans to work there every day.

Credit Joyce Russell/IPR
Gov. Kim Reynolds

“What an amazing office,” Reynolds said, “and the access and to have Iowans see their governor and lieutenant governor actively working every single day.”

Acting lieutenant governor Adam Gregg will occupy formal lieutenant governor’s quarters nearby.

“And of course we have staff offices downstairs as well,” Gregg said.  

She likes to be in the open. -Deputy Chief of Staff Tim Albrecht

Deputy Chief of Staff Tim Albrecht says Reynolds has a different working style.

“She likes to be in the open,” Albrecht said.  “Treating it as her working office also means more personal flair like pictures of her family.”