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Proposed National Park To Serve As Bison Bridge

An I-80 bridge connecting Illinois to Iowa may become a new National Park where a small heard of bison can cross between the two states.

Chad Pregracke grew up on the banks of the Mississippi River in East Moline, Illinois.

When he was 17 years old he decided he was going to clean up the river and started collecting trash. Literally tons of trash. His mission launched a movement and he eventually founded the Living Lands and Waters Foundation. To date they’ve removed 10 million pounds of garbage from American Rivers and done a whole lot of other work as well.

Now Pregracke has a new idea. It’s called the Bison Bridge and it’s a plan to repurpose the soon-to-be decommissioned I-80 bridge over the Mississippi River to turn it into a National Park.

On this edition of Talk of Iowa, host Charity Nebbe speaks with Pregracke about his vision for the bridge and how it can be made into a reality.

Learn more about the bridge and ways to get involved at bisonbridge.org


  • Chad Pregracke, president and founder, Living Lands and Waters Foundation
Charity Nebbe is the host of IPR's Talk of Iowa
Katherine Perkins is IPR's Program Director for News and Talk
Rick Brewer was a producer for IPR's Talk of Iowa and River to River