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Parties Urge Iowans To Update Party Registration Ahead Of Caucuses

Party leaders in Iowa are urging caucusgoers to update their party registration ahead of the caucuses, to avoid potential delays.

Iowa caucusgoers who update their party registration by December 31st will have an easier check-in process on caucus night. Both major parties are encouraging caucusgoers to make sure their information is current to avoid any further delays at their caucus locations.

Iowans who update their party registration before the year is over are guaranteed to be on the registered voter list on caucus night.

Because of the state's same-day registration law, Iowans don’t have to register ahead of time, but the step will help speed up the check-in process. The step will be especially helpful for those caucusing at larger precincts which may attract a lot of new or first-time caucusgoers, according to John Deeth with the Johnson County Democrats.

“Make sure your voter registration is up to date. You can update your registration on caucus night and we welcome people who do that. But it will be faster for you if you get your registration up-to-date before January 1st," Deeth said.

"That’s going to speed things up quite a bit at the sign-in line. By up-to-date, I mean both your address and your party affiliation. Both parties, you have to be registered with that party in order to participate in the caucus,” he continued.

With a slate of Democratic candidates flexing their campaign operations in the state, Deeth is expecting turnout for his party to be very high.

In the largest precincts, that could mean hundreds or even a thousand Iowans trying to get through the doors to caucus on February 3rd, increasing the chances for delays during the caucus process.

On the Republican side, none of President Donald Trump's challengers have made major efforts to campaign in the state, but the Republican Party of Iowa will hold its caucuses as usual

Iowans can update their registration through the secretary of state’s website, by mail, or in person at county offices. And of course, caucusgoers will still be able to register at their precincts on February 3rd.

Kate Payne was an Iowa City-based Reporter