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Talk of Iowa Book Club

We love to read! We know many of you do too. That’s why we created a book club at Iowa Public Radio. Hear about the themes, characters and big picture questions raised by the titles on our reading list. Get a copy of the books, find a comfortable chair, and read or re-read with us.

Latest Episodes
  • You know that feeling when you read a fantastic book and you wish that your friends would read it so you can really talk about it? Talk about the ideas, the themes, your favorite parts? This is the Talk of Iowa Book Club. Here’s how it works. We pick a great book. It could be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or even a book for young readers. On every episode, we invite authors and expert readers – the kind of brilliant, insightful readers you want in your book club – to join in the conversation, and then – dig in. The Talk of Iowa Book Club podcast - coming soon from Iowa Public Radio.