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    Ty Nigh
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    The Des Moines Water Works is exploring a plan to build a set of alluvial groundwater wells as a way to lessen its reliance on the Des Moines and Raccoon Rivers, which have been polluted with agricultural runoff for years. The $30 million plan would represent a philosophical shift for the utility.
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    Courtesy of Matt Barrick
    Host Ben Kieffer speaks with Black Iowa organizers about the guilty verdicts in the tiral of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin and what the result means for the racial justice movement.
The process of creating policy and law in the Iowa Legislature can be complicated. We break it down and make it easier to understand. Under the Golden Dome provides context, depth, and a better understanding of the Iowa legislative session. Learn about elected officials, influencers, and issues on this weekly podcast.
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Iowa Public Radio is joining forces with the Des Moines Music Coalition and Good Morning Iowa to showcase Iowa artists in 2021.

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