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Looking back at 20th century trailblazing legislator Minnette Doderer

University of Iowa Libraries
Legislators Minnette Doderer and Charlene Conklin at the Iowa Capitol circa late 1960s. Both served in the House and Senate during their public service. Image from the Minnette Doderer papers, box 25.

Minnette Doderer began her three and a half decades of public service as a legislator in the mid 1960s. She also ran twice for lieutenant governor. In the 1970s and 1980s, she spoke with reporters in eastern Iowa. These rare recordings were recently found in Iowa Public Radio’s storage and used in the 2022 podcast series From the Archives. This Under the Golden Dome episode features an episode from that series. Doderer discusses many topics including public money funding private schools, abortion, and how women politicians in the 20th century were often unfairly treated.

You can listen to all eight episodes of From the Archives featuring historic audio from Herbert Hoover, Richard Nixon, Martin Luther King Jr, Muhammad Ali, James Corman. Charles Hamilton, Phyllis Schlafly vs. Karen DeCrow.

John Pemble is a reporter for IPR