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Extraordinary Zenith Chamber Music Festival In Des Moines

The Zenith Chamber Music Festival is back once again. The annual concert series in Des Moines highlights “national and international guest artists as well as local artists.”

The festival takes place June 4th through June 8th at various locations in Des Moines and Urbandale. The Zenith Chamber Music Festival is unique in that it is a free community event. The mission and goals of the festival include “building strong community ties through creative partnerships with local and regional businesses” and “celebrating the arts by bringing world-renowned artists to the area to perform for and alongside local artists.”

Drake University is a principal partner for the Zenith Chamber Music Festival by providing facilities and rehearsal spaces. Endowed Professor of Cello at Drake University, Dr. Ashley Sandor Sidon, is the Founder and Artistic Director of the Zenith Chamber Music Festival. Listen below to hear more about the 2019 artists and concerts.

For more information and a list of concerts, visit https://zenith.wp.drake.edu/.

2019 Zenith Chamber Music Festival Artists

Anna Reider, violin

Helen Hwaya Kim, violin

Ashley Sidon, cello

Sheldon Person, viola

Paula Kosower, cello

Kelly Kuo, piano

Amit Peled, cello

Local Artists

Acacia Scott, harp

Rene Lecouna, piano

Phil Peters, bass

Damani Phillips, saxophone

Jacqueline Halbloom is a Sr. Music Producer and Classical Music Host