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Gallery Garden = Grand

A one-of-a-kind landmark mostly survived Marshalltown’s July 19th tornado on 129 E Main Street. Its survival is even more miraculous since it is all displayed totally outside. Owners Barb Hagstrand and Jeff Mitchell are more than thankful.

Just over five years ago, the location of the garden was a burnt-out building that was destroyed in a fire. Four years later, Barb and Jeff cut the ribbon on the new garden and many in town came to celebrate.

The area is composed of a water garden, plants along the building’s east wall, and a giant metal butterfly. In addition to being beautiful, it is environmentally friendly too. Barb’s vision involved a “Storm Water Management Project”. This project is a system that recycles the rain water for the plants, removes pollutants from the water, allows water to slowly seep back into the soil rather than run into storm sewers, and even has photovoltaic panels that convert sun energy into electricity. The Storm Water Management Project was supported by the Iowa Economic Development Authority.

Barb and Jeff aren’t done yet -- they are also currently working to finish refurbishing the Kibbey Building next door.

The Gallery Garden and the Kibbey Building in Marshalltown wouldn’t be the same today without Barb and Jeff’s hard work and unique vision.

For more information, visit https://www.traveliowa.com/destination/gallery-garden/12664/

Below is a video of the garden, provided by Barb Hagstrand https://vimeo.com/251207970 (credit Ben Cooper and Kyley Leger, producers)

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