UI Sexual Assault Survey: 1 In 5 Undergraduate Women Report Being Raped

Sep 21, 2016

Results from a sexual violence survey of University of Iowa students are guiding administrators in strengthening an anti-violence plan for the Iowa City campus.

Although fewer than ten-percent of the UI’s enrollment responded to the Speak Out Iowa survey in Fall, 2015, administrators say they’re using the results to engage the campus community in creating a safer environment.

Of the 2,683 students responding to the survey—mostly women---21 percent of the undergraduate women reported being raped. Nearly 12-percent of those women reported being raped during their first UI semester.

Monique DiCarlo, Sexual Misconduct Response Coordinator, said freshmen women are vulnerable.

“It’s the first time they’re away from home and they’re establishing intimate relationships,” she said.

Not surprisingly, the survey results show alcohol is often a part of the incident.

Administrators, using the survey findings, are strengthening the UI’s anti-violence plan. DiCarlo says it will require adding additional staff, but will also involve students.

“The reason we’re doing that,” said DiCarlo, “is that our climate data suggests that students are most likely to tell their peers about an incident, and so we want to make sure that students are prepared to hear their peers’ disclosure, and they know they know an effective way to respond.”

The UI plan also involves expanding resources for people accused of sexual misconduct.

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