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Biden Calls Iowa "Critical Battleground" in Virtual Keynote Fundraiser Speech

Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at 2020 Virtual Iowa Democratic Party's Hall of Fame Event on Sunday.
Iowa Democratic Party Webstream
Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks in a video for the Iowa Democratic Party's 2020 virtual Hall of Fame event on Sunday.

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was the keynote speaker at an annual state party fundraiser in Iowa Sunday evening. The event streamed live online but all of the speeches were pre-recorded. The former vice president gave a short three and a half minute speech. He said the country is dealing with multiple national crises all at once and needs Democrats elected up and down the ballot in Iowa.

“We need leadership that recognizes the real threat of this pandemic and doesn’t just wave a white flag of surrender like the president has," Biden said speaking in front of a large window. "We need leadership that brings everyone to the table to rebuild an economy that works for working families."

Biden did not bring up his fourth place finish in the Iowa caucuses earlier this year but he did acknowledge Iowa’s critical battleground status in November. A Des Moines Register poll last month showed the race nearly tied here between Biden and President Donald Trump.

The chair of the Republican Party of Iowa issued a statement accusing Biden of embracing a radical far-left agenda. The former vice president was seen as one of the more moderate candidates in the primary election.

Last week, Biden filled out his Iowa senior leadership team in a sign that his campaign sees Iowa as competitive. Meanwhile, President Trump's re-election team has had a team on the ground in Iowa for more than a year.