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Writers' workshop alum explores ambition and idealism in new novel

Talk of Iowa, hosted by Charity Nebbe

Alexander Maksik’s fourth novel The Long Corner is an allegory for our times. It invites us to examine ourselves and our places in the world by taking us far away to a mysterious artist’s retreat. The book is an exploration of art, politics, idealism and extremism through fiction. Maksik, who once upon a time lived in Iowa and graduated from the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, joined Charity Nebbe on Talk of Iowa to discuss his latest novel.

Later in this episode, more and more Iowans are turning away from harsh chemicals and embracing plant diversity in their landscape — and in their front yards. Kamyar Enshayan and Emily Dvorak from Good Neighbor Iowa join the show to discuss chemical free lawns.

Alexander Maksik, author of The Long Corner
Kamyar Enshayan, the director of the Center for Energy & Environmental Education at the University of Northern Iowa
Emily Dvorak, Environmental Health Program Associate at the Center for Energy & Environmental Education