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The joy and beauty of lesser-known spring-blooming bulbs

Talk of Iowa, hosted by Charity Nebbe

The first blossoms of spring may not last long, but they provide us with a unique kind of joy and beauty. Tulips and daffodils may get all the publicity, but in this episode of Talk of Iowa we talk about some lesser-known, spring-blooming bulbs.

Host Charity Nebbe talks with Extension Horticulturists Aaron Steil and Cindy Haynes about their favorite blossoms of spring, including winter aconite, snowdrops, snowflakes, crocus, grape hyacinths, squill, hyacinth and more.


  • Cindy Haynes, associate professor of Horticulture, Extension horticulture specialist, ISU
  • Aaron Steil, Extension consumer horticulture specialist, ISU
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Charity Nebbe is the host of IPR's Talk of Iowa
Katherine Perkins is IPR's Program Director for News and Talk