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Lake City Resident Describes His First-Hand Account With The Twister That Destroyed His Barn

River to River, hosted by Ben Kieffer

The Iowa tornado outbreak didn't result in any fatalities or serious injuries. On this edition of River to River, a harrowing story from one Lake City resident who was in the twister's path.

Host Ben Kieffer is also joined by Jared Strong, of the Carroll Times Herald, for a recap of the damage he witnessed from the Lake City twister on July 14, 2021. Iowa Public Radio's Kassidy Arena talks about a new at-home COVID-19 test. The Gazette's Michaela Ramm on the uptick in cold and flu viruses. Kathie Obradovich of the Iowa Capital Dispatch describes Iowa’s chronic water quality problem and University of Iowa theatre arts professor Alan MacVey tells us why Iowa has produced so many writers who've been nominated for and won Emmys.


  • Jeff Sievers, Lake City resident
  • Jared Strong, reporter, Carroll Times Herald
  • Kassidy Arena, reporter, Iowa Public Radio
  • Michaela Ramm, health reporter, The Gazette
  • Kathie Obradovich, editor in chief, Iowa Capital Dispatch
  • Alan MacVey, director of the Division of Performing Arts, professor of directing and acting, University of Iowa
  • Tony Dehner, host, Studio One, Iowa Public Radio
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